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Autor Tema: Pijanista bez ruku pobednik kineskog "Ja imam talenat"  (Pročitano 2015 puta)
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Pijanista bez ruku pobednik kineskog "Ja imam talenat"

Lost his arms from an accident at age 10, Liu Wei from Beijing never gives up living strong. He managed to do everything with his feet and started to learn to play piano at age 19. His dream is to become a musician. He is now 22 and just won the China's Got Talent Show on Oct. 10, 2010. In the final, he played piano and sang the song "You Are Beautiful", perhaps his vocal is not the best render of this song, but the power and inspiration of his zest for life won him the final. Bravo! Liu Wei's motto is,"I have two options - I can die as fast as possible, or I can live a brilliant life. And I chose the latter." Congrats to Liu Wei!

Liu Wei's quotes:

"To me, there are 3 things can not be missed in life - air, water and music."

"There are only 2 paths in my life for me - either to die as fast as possible, or to live as brilliant a life as I could."

"I don't feel that I am that different from other people. Normally everyone is used to do everything with one's hands so your hands are more flexible. There is no rule saying that you can't do things with your feet."

"A man should be responsible to his dreams. My dream is to become a great musician."

"I know if I want to do it better than other people, I have to put in more efforts"

On the note he wrote on the paper in this clip, it says'"
Walk on, at least I have a pair of perfect legs."

His mother said in the clip,"Sometimes his legs would cramp, he couldn't put any strength on them. He has worked harder than normal people."
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